This page contains examples and information on the processes we use and the wood and some of the terms used on this website.


Spalting is the result of fungus propagating in the veins in the wood.  The Black lines you see is one form of spalting and those are called zone lines.  This fungus is not a health hazard and is completely safe.  You can get more information from the Dr. of spalting, one of the few truly researching this interesting wood condition at her website.

Economy Bowls

An economy bowl is made from a single plank of wood.  The process is not that complicated.  The idea is similar to that of taking a slice of onion and reversing the pieces to make an inverted funnel.  Ok, so pictures are in order. First we start with a plank of wood and lay out the rings we are going to cut from it.

Then with the board cut in half we can lay out the angled cuts.  The angle has to be so that when cut it mates up with the previous layer.


Now set up the bandsaw with the same angle and you are ready to cut.


Now you can see the how the pieces are revers layered to make the funnel.


Lastly they all need to be glued up so you put it in a homemade press and it is then ready for the lathe.

Pen Turning